When I returned to the practice of law after 11 years of serving the State of Florida as a Circuit Court Judge, I joined, as a partner, a traditional law firm. Now having decided to begin my own firm, I have given a lot of thought to how to effectively shape my practice to meet the individual needs of my clients. Having had the structured law firm experience, I did not wish to return to the structure and overhead of a traditional law firm, and, at the same time, I know the importance of being associated with a group of experienced lawyers to work with and look to who share the common goal of providing legal representation that warrants the trust and confidence of clients. The group of lawyers who are working with me all have unique talents and experience. Like myself, they value their reputation and the best interest of the client above all other considerations.

Through the formation of my new firm, I now have the maximum amount of freedom and absolute control over costs and the mode of delivering service to my clients. We deal with clients on a statewide basis as well as other top lawyers across the state. We hope that you will take a moment to review the background and qualifications of the lawyers. As you will see, we offer a wide range of knowledge and experience.